Fire Fighting

Firefighters, firetrucks and other emergency vehicles extinguish fires and rescue victims in burning buildings or other emergency situations.

Medical Services

Providing advanced life support; paramedic, emergency medical and ambulance services for Supply and the surrounding communities.

Search & Rescue

Supports for aggressive search and rescue execution as critical functions to civilian and firefighter life safety.

Ambulance Services

Providing ambulance support for the critically ill or non amblitory ensuring patient care needs are met.

Fire Suppression

Fire suppression demands expertise, innovations, products, systems and knowledge helping to protect people and property.

Fire Investigation

Investigations using scene investigation, interview and interrogation techniques and knowledge of fire science for evidence to identify source, starting point and spread.

Operations Support

Responsible for responding to and mitigating all types of incidents within the the Supply Fire Department service area including those supports required by State and Federal entities.

Community Safety

Providing an array of services related to fire safety for everyone from kids to seniors, schools to property and building owners and managers.

Our Mission

"To serve the community responding to reported fire and medical emergencies and to provide mutual aid to the surrounding communities. We will always strive to limit the loss of life and property to the best of our abilities."

Our Volunteers

The only part of being a volunteer firefighter that's voluntary is the day you decide to join the fire department and the day you decide to quit. Everything in-between is your commitment to serve the Troy community. If you have the time and the desire to serve your community, please consider submitting an application. We may have an opening for you!

Our Vision

We are first responders to fires, public safety and medical emergencies and disasters. Supply Fire Department protects the lives and properties of Supply, North Carolina and the surrounding area. The Department advances public safety through fire prevention, investigation and education programs.

Our Care

The Volunteers at Supply Fire Department are prepared for duty, serving with integrity, responding with compassion and committed to professional excellence.